I’m eternally grateful and lucky that the biped doesn’t dress me in tutu’s and pink bows.  She would be seriously hurt right now.  



Shhh don’t tell the weird dog behind me named Chewy but the bipeds affectionately nicknamed him crackhead.  I can tell you first hand that this is appropriate but I personally call him an EF5 tornado.  He is always going around and around  when he is happiest and sometimes I don’t mind.


​Oh joy it’s Halloween and the biped has dressed me as Yoda with the claim that I am a wise dog. “Judge me by my size, do you?” Scary aren’t I?  Fear not, I love snuggles.  Happy Halloween! 



Happy Independence Day America! I am declaring my great fear of fireworks but happy to say I have been safe inside the house while, what it seems to me, the world is coming to an end. Have an awesome holiday!


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Honestly it didn’t have to come to this. All I wanted was some make up snuggles. The bipeds were gone to a far away land for way too long and I feel empty. This thing they call laundry can wait. Really it can.


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I like to look out the window for many reasons but right now I am watching all the cars coming and going by the for sale house next door. All kinds of bipeds walking around, pointing, talking and yet I haven’t seen any other of my kind. I was hoping I would have some allies on my side for when Fred over there is plotting me.


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At this moment, I’m losing it. Not sure what I am expected to do, but I’m going to make sure they know I’m here. I have lives to protect. I may be too small to handle what’s on the other side of that door but I pack a mean bark. Consider yourself warned.



As I lay here on the bipeds leg I always make sure I look up to reassure her that I love her and will always be by her side. Plus I hear the cuter I look, the more treats I get. Can’t go wrong with that!!



My daily dilemma continues. I really should find a way to make a jetpack that I can fit into. I’ve seen them on bipeds when watching TV and know this would be a perfect way to get high into that tree. They wouldn’t even see what hit them!



The biped picks me up when leaving the house and I get soooo excited! I love looking out the window of the car. Just when I thought I was going to see my buddy Midget, I see this sign. I know this place and it’s a dreadful place. Being poked and prodded is not something I look forward to. So I start to climb all over the biped in hopes to get out of all this. This doesn’t go over very well and I still get weird people touching me. I don’t understand, I feel fine and they even say I look and sound good. HELP ME!!!