I have somehow stumbled onto a magic spell. It consists of three words that have changed my life for the better. And here, faithful Monday’s with Mozzie reader, are those words:

I don’t know.

Now before you get upset by their unremarkable quality, their lack of faux Latin, Harry Potter mumbo jumbo-ness, I’d like you to try a little experiment. Say the following out loud:

“I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I don’t know how long I will live. I don’t know how my body works. I don’t know how pretty much anything works. I don’t know how we got here. I don’t know where we’re headed. I don’t know what I don’t know. I don’t know why I’m doing this.”

Okay, well done! Now that we’ve established your lack of knowing, a vacuum of sorts has been created. And what do we all know about vacuums? Nature abhors them. So it stands to reason that something will rush in to fill that vacuum. And something does. I don’t know what it is. I just know it’s magic and I’m scared to get near that said vacuum.




This morning smelled like trouble. I thought about waking the bipeds, alerting them to whatever unknown danger was out there. Chewy and I both raised our voices together to make sure they heard us all the way in their bedroom. One of them came out in her bathrobe and proceded to the front door where the mailman aways goes. So to make sure we were heard we raised our voices and continued on and on and on…



There are storms all around me today, plus a bit of thunder and I don’t like to get wet. I heard the Buddha taught that change and impermanence is a fundamental fact of existence. He further pointed out that this fact made suffering inevitable. He didn’t mention that sometimes after the pain is gone, you open your eyes to a life beyond your wildest dreams. That’s what happened to me. But I know that this too shall pass. There’s a cosmic uterus up ahead, I just can’t see it yet.  I imagine it’s in the shape of a chewy bone.



I’ve recently restarted my meditation practice. I understand that the purpose of meditation is not to “clear the mind.” The purpose is to simply become aware of it without judgment.
Thoughts come and go like clouds moving across an open sky. The nature of the mind is to create clouds. The nature of the self is the sky. When viewed this way it’s easy to look past the illusion of separateness and see how we are one. After all, how many skies are there? Resting in this awareness brings peace.

Then a cloud called “Why are the squirrels flying right now?” floats by.

Then one called “Is my biped going deaf or is she just ignoring me?”

Then one called “Is that a flea or tick?”

Then… Breathe. Sky.



Sometimes I have conversations with squirrels who are not there. Loud conversations in the middle of the yard. Sometimes this guy next to me joins in but most of the time it’s just me. Ridiculous I know but I am dog.



Perception is rarely reality. I then realized that social media has really cheapened the biped experience, it has reduced their communication with each other to impersonal blogging. So look me in the eye, go seek a friend of yours to have coffee or lunch with and bring me back some real bacon.



I hear the internet is a good place to express one’s thoughts. If your intention is to post mean-spirited comments, keep in mind that your names are prominently displayed on each post for the world to see. Something to think about. With that being said… I don’t like this hotter weather! 70 degrees is my go to, stay outside all day weather and not this craziness!



Apparently, it’s #NationalAdoptaShelterPetDay. While we were not in a shelter when the biped’s found us, we were adopted. I guess running free in this world is too risky and dangerous so therefore, we have been saved by two awesome bipeds. Yes, that’s right, they are awesome!