Shhh don’t tell the weird dog behind me named Chewy but the bipeds affectionately nicknamed him crackhead.  I can tell you first hand that this is appropriate but I personally call him an EF5 tornado.  He is always going around and around  when he is happiest and sometimes I don’t mind.



Today, I can say my life is complete with Gram Gram kisses and lovins. Having her close to me with the rest of the family, makes my world so much better. But only if Chewy doesn’t try to steal her from me.




I feel a change in the air. Not sure what it is but the biped almost forgot to photograph me today. She’s running around like she’s lost her head. I thought for sure she was going to forget to feed me. All is well now. Just chilling out on the couch, about to get some zzz’s.




Oh I am so glad the biped is home from Jury Duty. After being cooped up in the house for over 10 hours I can finally climb my favorite tree to catch a squirrel. Wish me luck!