I’m tired. Tired from going banana’s over something in the trees. I’m glad though, that my biped doesn’t get mad at me for being a dog. Now I can enjoy a good neck rub and a nap.





Well good Monday morning to you. I hope you are happy with yourself for leaving me alone with this biped who seems to get enjoyment out of giving me a bath. It seems like Chewy and I are the only ones who get this level of torture. Although the after torture is the best. Cozying up in the towel to dry off is most enjoyable.


“Come on, let’s you and I get out of the house for a little while.” said the biped. I’m not sure I like this idea. My first thoughts were, “Are we going to the vet?” and “Why am I not in your lap?”. This was my dilemma for the first 30 minutes of the ride in this floating seat contraption. Then a wondrous moment happened when the car window opened. Oh the world of scents I endured! I lost my train of thought.


5 years ago yesterday I was found in a garage scared out of my mind from all the loud fireworks and a biped rescued me. Named me Mozzie and claimed my birthday to be on this day sometime 8 years ago one day after the bipeds own birthday. Wouldn’t want to take away from her day. So Happy Birthday me!