This yard is full of little sticks that are the perfect size for me, so pfffft at you Chewy. Go get your own!





There was an epic battle today on the forest moon of Endor. The Wookiee will not defeat I, the legendary Jedi Master!


“Here, lets see how this will look.” the biped says to me. I didn’t give my consent to this nonsense so why must you torture me. I do admit there is comfort in the warmth this glow thingy gives off but I don’t think I could do this for very long. “Just one picture.” Yeah I heard a lot of click’s sound off, so I don’t believe her. Hope your day is better than mine is a this moment.




There’s finally enough leaves on the ground to play in, and track into the house. I love days like this where I can stay outside for hours and hours. Of course this was last week. Today, not so much because it’s been raining and it’s cold. I shake like a leaf when it’s this cold. Someone let me in before I freeze to death!