Sorry for the late post. Been a very busy day for me. I had been chased around the yard for hours on end by the Tasmanian devil of a dog, Chewy. He is relentless!! He is always tugging at my ankles, my ears and my butt! But it’s all in good fun because he is the best buddy I can have.





I feel like I have superpowers. I can will the bipeds to keep me warm under the covers. I can will them to let me stay outside for hours. I can even will them to give me scraps of meat as they are cooking dinner for themselves. Oh, I have superpowers!




This is the best spot to hide if I want to get away from the tortures of bath-time. The bipeds can’t get to me in this awesomely thick bamboo. So I will sit and wait for the moment to pass. Or if I see another squirrel.