‚ÄčOh joy it’s Halloween and the biped has dressed me as Yoda with the claim that I am a wise dog. “Judge me by my size, do you?” Scary aren’t I?  Fear not, I love snuggles.  Happy Halloween! 




Oh boy!! It’s that time of year where I get to stay outside longer to play with Chewy, chase squirrels, bark at anything and everything, and roll around in the fallen leaves!! I don’t even want to come in when the bipeds call me. Oh what bliss it is!




Psst, I need you to help me with something. There is a squirrel up here somewhere and I must have it. You can’t let Chewy know of my secret plans because he scares them away before I can get at them.



Apparently after my bath I get the nickname “Fluffy Butt”. I don’t know how the biped can live with herself calling me this. This kind of name calling has to stop. Although I do find it funny that she calls one of the spastic kittens “Fart Butt”. So maybe I will let this one slide. Maybe.