​As I look up at the biped, I try to tell her this would work better if she had a piece of bacon.  But I’m only seeing her hand in the air trying to get my attention.  It’s disappointing that there is no yummy bacon for me.  




It can be a bit unnerving when these two are as close to me as they are here.  But as long as they don’t come in my home, we’re good.  One of them got into some trouble earlier that involved breaking glass and knocking over a bipeds full drink.  I think it’s funny because now they are in lockdown.  Ahhh peace and quiet.



I didn’t forget about you, Monday. It’s been nice to have everyone home, relaxing and cuddling. Even one of the kittens wanted to cuddle with me and I just won’t have it. I never know when their teeth will dive itself into my very sensitive skin. Yes, I am sensitive and I’m comfortable with that.


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