So what if it’s raining. As long as it’s not making a lot of really loud noises that scare the bejeezus out of me. Plus, I don’t mind getting all wet and muddy. The bipeds may not like it but I am dog, hear me roar! Or yap.

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We enjoyed seeing all the sweet pictures of kids going back to school today but as soon as I stepped outside it hit me. Sad that the street is empty and I have no one to bark at. There were so many of you out there running around playing. It looked like so much fun. Oh wait…. Squirrel!


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I am consumed by the need to sleep as I watch it rain outside. I would rather be out there playing because there are more squirrels to chase. But I do not want to get my flowy hair all wet. Okay who farted?!


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Well this is just great. Looks like I will be sharing kitchen floor space with these two clowns when the biped’s are cooking. We’ll just have to see who’s the fastest at getting to what ever drops on the free-for-all floor.


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So today the biped decides to bathe me in a bucket outside. For her it’s not going to turn out too well but for me, it’s a new adventure just waiting to happen. I’m just going to sit here until I can make my move to dash out and get all dirty again. Oh it’s happening.


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