Honestly it didn’t have to come to this. All I wanted was some make up snuggles. The bipeds were gone to a far away land for way too long and I feel empty. This thing they call laundry can wait. Really it can.


©ann-mariephotography.com 06-27-2016 9819-1



Dear weather,

We know you’re hot so stop showing off! I would stay outside longer but it’s not like I can just peel off my coat. Thank goodness for fans and A/C.


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I like to look out the window for many reasons but right now I am watching all the cars coming and going by the for sale house next door. All kinds of bipeds walking around, pointing, talking and yet I haven’t seen any other of my kind. I was hoping I would have some allies on my side for when Fred over there is plotting me.


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I’m starting to question why the bipeds took in these two fur balls with deadly claws. I understand the situation but now I have to deal with the occasional stabs when they swing their little paws at me. Not to mention one of them has the most deadly farts! Cute sure but I feel the urge to secretly rid these savages. But don’t tell anyone.


MondaysWithMozzie 6-6-2016