This guy, my Grandpa Sam, is awesome.  I’ve missed him so much since the last time I saw him.  He rode in on his Harley from Fallen, NV through some really bad Houston storms to see me.  But something is wrong.  He’s holding me like a baby and I don’t mind!  HA! 





When the bipeds can’t find me in my usual places it’s because I am hiding out under some covers left lying around. You will usually find me here when it’s everyone’s nap time. I do get grumpy if you try to move me when I am at my most comfortable. So beware!


©Ann Dockery EOS 6D 07_17_2013 2781-1


As I get to know these tiny ninja’s as they climb every inch of this capsule, I learned that they are what the biped calls them, pin cushion making assholes. I’m not sure what that means but when ever I hear that name being said, it’s usually when the biped is feeding them and it sounds like she is in a lot of pain during that process. What ever that is, I want no part of it. I am content to just watching them.


©ann-mariephotography.com 05-16-2016 8180-1


There should be a holiday dedicated to all the brave people who show up to work on Mondays. With that being said, I have been trying to lighten your Monday’s for a year now this week. Yay! Not sure just how well that’s been for you but I can only hope a little smile crept on you at least once in all my postings. And now I most go sit on Chewy’s face for a little chuckle of my own.



At this moment, I’m losing it. Not sure what I am expected to do, but I’m going to make sure they know I’m here. I have lives to protect. I may be too small to handle what’s on the other side of that door but I pack a mean bark. Consider yourself warned.