The bipeds took in these two abandoned kittens and I have been on high alert ever since. At first I shake with excitement. Are they the squirrels I have always wanted? No, they aren’t, as I soon find out. But every time they move or make any kind of sounds I jump to check on them. I still don’t know what to make of these things and they smell funny.


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While it storms and floods, I shall sleep right through this. No way I’m going out in that mess! Unless to pee and then we may have a real problem on our hands.



My day starts off like this. A nice but short meditation in a quiet, rugged part of the backyard. Away from prying eyes. Just me and the flowers and Chewy but he doesn’t know I’m here…shhhh.



As I lay here on the bipeds leg I always make sure I look up to reassure her that I love her and will always be by her side. Plus I hear the cuter I look, the more treats I get. Can’t go wrong with that!!