The biped picks me up when leaving the house and I get soooo excited! I love looking out the window of the car. Just when I thought I was going to see my buddy Midget, I see this sign. I know this place and it’s a dreadful place. Being poked and prodded is not something I look forward to. So I start to climb all over the biped in hopes to get out of all this. This doesn’t go over very well and I still get weird people touching me. I don’t understand, I feel fine and they even say I look and sound good. HELP ME!!!




It’s just me. I have been playing in the yard with Chewy.  Every now and then I will peak around this tree and see if my biped is coming home.  I still don’t see her but I will check again tomorrow.  The other biped is getting excited about something so that might be a sign.  Oh no, it’s lunch time, gotta go!




I’m sitting here trying to stay awake, fighting a nap like mad, but I want to go back outside. It’s so nice out there with the birds chirping, squirrels yapping, and Chewy begging to go inside. I love it too because I don’t have to wear any sweaters. Did I tell you I dread sweaters? I do.



I’m smart enough to understand the bipeds commands.  But I chose to sit here because I just got done using my spidey skills to scale the tree with ease to get at a couple of teasing squirrels.  I know I can swing from tree to tree like they do but I’m teasing them as well.  Oh, you didn’t know?



Does anyone else get this excited when food comes their way? We sure do. It’s like the bipeds were trying to starve us and we feel like we are withering away and getting sluggish. Damn them for teasing us! Someone please open this door so we can eat!